Vanguard Films has an impressive resume producing both original live action and animated films and television. John Williams established Vanguard in the 1980’s as a New York based production company in films, television, commercials and music videos. In the early 90’s Vanguard moved to Los Angeles and was the first independent production company to sign a deal with Dreamworks SKG. That production deal and relationship lasted over a decade. Shrek and it’s 3 sequels and Jackie Chan’s The Tuxedo were some of the products of that relationship.

Our Philosophy

“Create great stories (and intellectual property), that will appeal to international audiences”.

We only work with top tier actors, writers and directors and always secure input and partnership with top tier distributors at the earliest possible time. A small sampling of those names include Fox, DreamWorks, Universal, Cameron Diaz, Demi Lovato, Brad Pitt, Chris Farley, Jackie Chan, John Steinbeck, Virgin, and Disney.

John Williams


IMDB Profile

The founder of Vanguard, John has had an illustrious film production and development career over the last 30 years. In that time, his mission has always been ‘to create new worlds and new stories that inspire global audiences.’

John was the first producer to sign with Dreamworks SKG with a first look producing deal that spanned more than 10 years. In that time, Vanguard brought to life the Shrek franchise, Puss in Boots and Jackie Chan’s The Tuxedo. He also secured slate output film deals with The Walt Disney Company and Starz.
John’s entrepreneurial approach has forged a number of production partnerships, financing and developing the entities Virgin Image, The Production Development Company and Vanguard Animation. Leveraging his 23 years of animation production experience, 3QU Animation was also born. The 4-picture slate deal initiated the films Charming, Gnomes Alone, Trouble and Fe@rless, which secured Netflix distribution.
Staying true to the Vanguard creative process is a driving passion for John, with almost 100% of productions being initiated, developed and produced in house.

In addition to film production, John is a guest speaker at USC, UCLA and NYU film and graduate film programs. He is also on the nomination committees for the Best Animated Picture Academy Awards and the Academy’s Nichols Fellowship Writer Awards.

Peter Seaman


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Peter’s over 30 year Hollywood career includes writing and producing both animated and live action films. And sometimes both together. He’s the co-writer of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the multiple Academy Award winning 1988 film. His work earned nominations for both WGA and BAFTA screenwriting awards.

He has numerous other film and TV credits ranging from family films like The Grinch and Shrek the Third to Last Holiday, Doc Hollywood, and Tales from the Crypt. He’s also worked script doctoring many films including Wild Wild West and The Nutty Professor, among others.

And once upon a time, he created “Tony the Tiger” commercials for Leo Burnett Co in Chicago. So his affection for animation goes way back.

Peter is now working on Vanguard’s current slate of moves, including the previously announced Silk Road Rally and the Mother Goose story Wild Goose Chase.
Peter’s a member of the WGA, DGA and AMPAS.

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